1. 🎶Just like Candy🎶
    You’re like a brand new feeling
    In a special way
    A surprise package
    On a bright clear sunny day
    Strawberry! Raspberry!
    All those good thangs!
    Violets and gumdrops
    That’s what you’re saying to me

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  2. My first time going to a Baum event in DC and it was so much better than any other event i’ve been to. I recommend their events- the items, atmosphere, people, and organization was 10/10.

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  3. Well, I just had some of their Face on Fire and it was the smoothest smoke I have had in my life! The high was heavy but not enough to keep you locked. No munchies but a lot of giggling and I’m watching “saw 2”

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  4. Been loyal to the Baum bros for over a year and a half now. Best products, best price, best events from jazz night to paint night. They truly treat us like family and we wouldn’t go anywhere else. 💙💙💙


  5. The atmosphere here is amazing. Everyone is welcome and it’s a fun place to kick back and enjoy some of DCs finest tree. On top of that, they have some AMAZING local talent they collab with. Great artists and musicians that that come in and perform/ sell their art there. awesome. 10/10 would reccomend.


  6. Way to go to the Baum for creating a place that’s comfortable, clean, easy access and beautiful art. Best place in DC, I’ve been with Baum 2 years, BAUMS THE BOMB!!!!!


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